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Bayla Kolk is an Adjunct Assistant Professor with the School of Public Administration at

the University of Victoria. She is a former Assistant Deputy Minister in the federal public

service, and was based in Ottawa prior to moving to Victoria.

Her career experience has spanned domestic and international affairs, and social and

economic policy development. She has extensive career experience in providing policy

development advice for Ministers', Cabinet and Prime Minister's approval, managing

large national programs, regional operations, negotiations, stakeholder consultations,

Indigenous affairs, labour and occupational health and safety, and affordable housing

and homelessness.

Bayla's career included senior positions at Transport Canada, the Department of

Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Human Resources and Social Development,

Privy Council Office, and Treasury Board Secretariat.

Bayla enjoys travel, art, music, theatre, and beautiful Victoria and the west coast.

Bayla Kolk

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