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  • Drawing From Architecture

    This course will introduce you to the many ways of looking at architecture and how to use it as a source for drawings. In addition to practicing technical skills of drafting and perspective drawing, you will also learn to visually represent interior and exterior spaces in conceptual and abstracted ways. This course will include field trips to significant architectural sites in the downtown area. Traditional drawing materials such as pencils, pens, and charcoal will be used throughout this course and students will be encouraged to experiment with mixed media for assignments. Suitable for all levels. FRIDAYS, MAY 10- JUN 14, 2PM - 5PM (No class May 24, last class Jun 21) IN-PERSON

  • Painting Flora and Fauna

    Learn how to capture flora and fauna in painting in this course. Students are welcome to use a variety of paint media of their choice including acrylic, oil or watercolour. We will look at contemporary and historical artists' work where the focus is on flora and fauna, and learn about the importance of nature in art and in our broader world today. We will work both inside in studios and outside at local parks creating field sketches and paintings. Sketching and visual journaling techniques will be explored and utilized throughout the course. Some painting experience recommended. TUESDAYS, JUN 25 - JUL 30, 2PM - 5PM IN-PERSON

  • Contemporary Textile Project

    In this course you will develop a textile project of your choice that could include a range of materials and methods, or something as simple as stitching on fabric. You are welcome to start a new project, or to bring in an existing project or idea to receive ongoing support in bringing it to completion. The course will include an introduction to contemporary textiles and the artists and thinkers that have an impact on contemporary art, as well as critique centered on developing a personal voice and textile instruction. The content will be curated to your project interests and delivered in an encouraging and supportive environment. All skill levels are welcome: this can be your first time undertaking a 6-week project or you can be an established artist looking for a community to bring your questions and receive feedback. Skills will be taught from an anti-mastery perspective, meaning that you don’t have to have mastered a particular skill to create beautiful and insightful work using it. Projects could include sewing, embroidery, knitting, quilting appliqué, weaving or any other textile-related process or a combination of many. There is also an opportunity to incorporate the language of textiles with photography, painting and other work on paper. No textile experience is necessary. Suitable for all levels. WEDNESDAYS, JUN 26 - JUL 31, 2PM - 5PM ONLINE

  • Painting: The Flower as Art

    Everybody loves flowers and this painting course will introduce you to innovative and unusual ways to approach the age-old subject of flower painting. This course will use the flower to inspire a range of experimental projects from contemporary botanicals, to using floral patterns as surface and subject. Examples of the work of historical and contemporary painters will be shown for inspiration and discussion. Suitable for all levels. TUESDAYS, MAY 7 - JUN 11, 2PM - 5PM ONLINE

  • Contemporary Drawing

    This course invites you to push the boundaries of traditional drawing and explore the diverse approaches and techniques of contemporary drawing. Over the duration of the course students will explore conceptual frameworks that define contemporary drawing practices. We will analyze the methods of contemporary artists to inform our creative processes and challenge conventional notions of drawing. Through weekly slide presentations, discussions, and projects, you will develop a deeper understanding of conceptual approaches in drawing and gain the skills to create meaningful and thought-provoking artworks. The course will include sessions in collage, deconstructing photographs, and experimenting with other unconventional drawing techniques. With a focus on concept and idea, this course will encourage you to think critically and experiment boldly. Suitable for all levels. MONDAYS, MAY 6 - JUN 10, 2PM - 5PM (No Class May 20, last class Jun 17) IN-PERSON

  • Drawing from the Ocean

    This mixed-media drawing course is inspired by a new book published by Phaidon called “The Ocean”. The course will use a range of sources for inspiration from historical drawings and scientific diagrams, to artists who use the ocean as a main source of subject matter in their work. You will explore beneath and above the ocean’s surface as well as the variety of plants and animals that live there. Materials used include pencils, graphite, pastels, watercolour and ink. Suitable for all levels. THURSDAYS, MAY 9 - JUN 13, 2PM - 5PM IN-PERSON

  • Urban Sketching

    Do you see people sitting on a park bench or in a café sketching and wish you could do that too? Would you like to draw what you see around you? This course teaches you to draw what you see as you make your way through the city including architecture, interiors of buildings, people, gardens and parks. You will learn some basic drawing techniques, as well as the best materials to carry for sketching on-site. This is a great course to take if you are traveling to an urban destination this summer and would like to do some drawing while you are there. Suitable for all levels. THURSDAYS, JUN 27 - AUG 1, 6PM - 9PM IN-PERSON

  • The Practicing Artist: Getting Started

    Learn how to blast through artistic blocks and nurture your innate creativity through the development of a daily writing practice and five projects to activate and mine your subconscious. A useful course for beginners as well as mature artists in any medium. Course delivered through slide lectures, curated readings, seminar discussions, and drawing projects. Suitable for all levels. WEDNESDAYS, MAY 8 - JUN 12, 10AM - 1PM IN-PERSON

  • Making Art a Practice

    This weekend workshop is inspired by Cat Bennett’s book of the same name: Making Art a Practice: How to Be the Artist You Are. This workshop will introduce you to a range of simple, yet fulfilling drawing and painting prompts to get you excited about making art. The focus is on process and discovery and allowing yourself to make art even if you think you are not good at it. One of the things that sometimes stops people from making art, is that they aren't sure what exactly they should be making. During the two days of the workshop you will engage in a few projects that will be a jumpstart to making art a daily practice in your life. Projects will include drawing, painting, mixed media and collage. The most important thing that you will discover from this workshop is that art is its own reward and you will gain the motivation to make art a part of your daily life. Suitable for all levels. SATURDAY & SUNDAY, JUN 1 & 2, 10AM - 4:30PM IN-PERSON

  • Paint Like an Artist II

    In Paint Like an Artist II you will be introduced to a 21st century painter each week. We will review their specific approaches to subject matter as well as application of paint and process. There will be a weekly painting project based on this discussion. This is a great course for those who are curious to learn how early-mid 20th century artists have influenced many contemporary painters. The course will also provide an excellent opportunity to push your painting practice in new directions. Participants can use oil, acrylic, gouache or watercolour. New artists different from previous sessions will be discussed. This course can be taken as a follow-up to Paint Like an Artist I, but it is not necessary to have taken the first one in order to enrol in the second part. New artists will be discussed so feel free to re-take this course. Suitable for all levels. FRIDAYS, JUN 28- AUG 2, 2PM - 5PM (No class Jul 19, last class Aug 9) ONLINE

  • Drawing: Ideas through Process

    The focus of this course is on using the process of artmaking to discover ideas and approaches as opposed to working with a specific end result in mind. You will learn to develop ideas through a variety of collage studies and work with basic drawing materials such as pencils and graphite sticks on a range of surfaces. The great thing about collage is the fluidity of image juxtaposition in terms of developing a design. This course is great for any of you who love to draw but sometimes find yourself wondering “what to draw”. Suitable for all levels. FRIDAYS, MAY 17 - JUN 21 (NOTE DATE CHANGE), 10AM - 1PM IN-PERSON

  • How to Mix Media

    This one-day workshop begins by creating thumbnail sketches based on your selected reference photos. Experimental drawing/mark making techniques follow with ink, marker and graphite. Then you will learn the secrets to gluing your drawings flat while you collage them and finish your compositions using acrylic paint and coloured pencils. This workshop will introduce you to many mixed-media techniques as well as offer a creative way to think of artmaking as a form of play. Suitable for all levels. All supplies included. SATURDAY, APR 20, 10AM - 4:30PM IN-PERSON

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