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Drawing from the World

Use contemporary issues and concerns as a subject matter for your drawing.

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Artists have long embraced drawing practices to engage with and respond to the pressing concerns of our time. Drawing is accessible, adaptable and considered the most direct and honest of all artistic processes. This course invites you to push the boundaries of traditional drawing and explore diverse approaches and techniques to engage with the present world. We will analyze the methods and motivations of contemporary artists to inform your own creative process and challenge conventional notions of drawing. Through weekly slide presentations, discussions, and projects, you will explore innovative use of materials and techniques. You will be encouraged to use drawing materials you have at hand such as pencils, pastels, inks, and paints, as well as to try new materials and methods. You will also learn to use drawing to express and develop ideas. This course will expand your drawing practice to include a wide range of creative approaches and learn to harness the expressive potential of drawing to connect with, respond to, and make sense of the world around us. Suitable for all levels. MONDAYS, JAN 8 - APR 1, 6PM - 9PM IN-PERSON

  • Starts Jan 8, 2024
  • 575 Canadian dollars

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