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Drawing into Painting: Landscape

Learn to use ink, watercolour and gouache to create landscape drawings and paintings.

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This course is about using water-based media, including ink, watercolour and gouache, to create expressive landscape drawings and paintings. Topics will include the Romantic Landscape tradition with an emphasis on skies, as well as landscapes of the imagination. Rembrandt and van Gogh’s pen landscapes as well 19th century British watercolour paintings will be examined. Working with ink and water involves moving between control and spontaneity, while creating a bridge between drawing and painting. You will learn strategies to help harness the fluid, unpredictable nature of ink. Approaches will include mark-making, wet-in-wet and glazing. Tools explored will include dip pens, fountain pens, brushes, and twigs. Step-by-step demonstrations will show a range of approaches and techniques that bring intuition to the painting process. The exercises presented will encourage you to work gesturally and combine playful experimentation with accurate handling. Suitable for all levels. WEDNESDAYS, JAN 10 - APR 3, 10AM - 1PM ONLINE

  • Starts Jan 10, 2024
  • 575 Canadian dollars

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