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Still Life Painting

Learn how to use the Dutch Master still life Vanitas as an inspiration for your own paintings.

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This workshop focuses on a form of still life painting called 'Vanitas'. This was a still life painting style popular in the 17th Century and includes symbolism through the use of skulls, extinguished candles, musical instruments, books, flowers and fruit. In this workshop you will explore the hidden meaning within vanitas paintings and create your own vanitas painting using one of your personal possessions plus objects in the art room. You will also learn about three-dimensional drawing techniques, composition and how to use burnt umber to create depth, shadows and drama. This workshop is a great way to learn some art history while developing new techniques in painting. Suitable for all levels. See supply list. SATURDAY, DECEMBER 9, 10AM - 4:30PM IN-PERSON

  • Starts Dec 9
  • 135 Canadian dollars

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