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Vancouver Island School of Art

302-733 Johnson St, Victoria, BC V8W 3C7 250-380-3500

Supply List - Calligraphy as Art

  • One pad of cartridge paper 24 x 36 (for practice)

  • 1-2 sheets of a good-quality, white or off-white, hot-press watercolour paper (such as Arches or Fabriano) for your finished project, if you are doing one. Please buy the large individual sheet(s), as sketchbook pages will be too small. 

  • One size 0 paintbrush 

  • One plain black pen holder

  • A ruler (the longer the better)

  • Two bulldog clips

  • One mechanical pencil or regular pencil with a sharpener

  • One kneaded gum eraser

  • One tube or bottle of watercolour paint (ie NOT anything called “calligraphy ink”, as it tends to clog pens) in black. You may wish to try a couple of other colours, but it’s not required. 

  • One Speedball C-3 nib if you are right handed. If you are left-handed, buy a left-oblique C-3 nib. (If you can’t find a left-oblique nib, don’t worry! I have a backup plan for you!) 

  • A small, shallow dish that can act as a palette. Chinatown is a great place for this! Even a shallow styrofoam tray will do. 


The Vancouver Island School of Art is delighted to have a partnership with Opus Art Supplies so please consider using this link and clicking on your course to purchase supplies from Opus Art Supplies: Partnership Page.


You can also consider an Opus A+ Membership, where students can sign up to save 10% on all orders during their studies: Sign Up For Opus A+ Membership.

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