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Vancouver Island School of Art


302-733 Johnson St, Victoria, BC V8W 3C7 250-380-3500

Supply List - Painting Flora and Fauna



Choose which paint you'd like to use and get supplies only for that type of paint, unless you'd like to work with multiples types of paint


- watercolour pencils and/or watercolor travel set

- variety of watercolour brushes (round, flat, quill) in various sizes (must have a detail brush size 0)

- watercolour paper travel pad


- oil painting travel set (paints, pallet knife, linseed/other medium)

- oil brushes (recommend having a flat, round, detail, and fan brush)

- oil painting paper or gessoed watercolour paper (if you have gesso and watercolour paper I can show you how to do this) / board / primed surface


- acrylic paints

- acrylic brushes (recommend having a flat, round, detail, and fan brush)

All Mediums:

- painter's tape

- paint pallet (ensure its the right kind for your chosen type of paint)

- pencil, sharpener and eraser

- sketchbook

- a container to bring water in when painting en plein air

- paper towel / rags

- optional: viewfinder (we can make these using paper)

- optional: travel easel, plein air painting box/kit

- stretched and gessoed canvas or other primed painting surfaces (around 11" x 14")

* all paints regardless of type must include a red, yellow, blue, black and white (recommend cad red med, hansa yellow light/med, ultramarine/phthalo blue)  


Local art supply stores have varying discount options for students. Monks and Opus offer membership programs for discounts. Check stores’ websites for details. 


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