Vancouver Island School of Art

950 Kings Rd, 2nd Floor
Victoria, BC V8T 1W6

Supply List - To Draw a Diary DRWGs123-12-SS21

Leah McInnis -


Items required for the first class:

- black conté and/or charcoal
- pen/pencil
- sketchbook
- pad of newsprint

Additional Items to be discussed during the first class:

- pencils: range from 4H - 8B
- conté crayon (black, white, sanguine)
- charcoal (compressed, vine)
- white vinyl eraser
- kneaded eraser
- watercolours: travel sets or tubes (red, blue, yellow, violet, orange, green)
- plastic palette for mixing paint and/or white plastic lids or small white ceramic plates to mix paint on
- watercolour brushes
- brush for acrylic painting (round)
- white acrylic paint
- metal ruler (18” or larger)
- colour pencils (assortment of colours)
- x-acto blade