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Supply List - Drawing: Image and Text DRWGs229-12-SP21

Marina DiMaio -


Items required for the first class:

-Sketch book and your choice of sketching materials

Additional items to be discussed during the first class:

We will discuss our supply list in more detail on the first day of class, but the following is a list of other items you might be interested in exploring during this course (the course will encourage a mix-material approach to drawing):
-sketch book
-newsprint and collage materials (recycled magazines and books)
-standard white eraser, pliable eraser
-india ink
-oil sticks (recommended: one white oil stick, one medium-hued oil stick, one dark-hued oil stick) Note: Oil sticks are not the same as oil pastels.
-spool(s) of thread
-a spool of pliable wire
-wax crayons
-acrylic paints
-acrylic medium
-recycled plastic container(s) for water
-an assortment of brushes
-set of graphite pencils (recommended: 6H – 6B)
-set of colored pencils (primary and secondary colors)
-an assortment of medium-weight drawing papers for in-class exercises (in different sizes)
-tracing paper
-cardboard or matt board
-utility knife and/or scissors
-metal ruler
-thumb tacks
-binder clips
-masking tape