Vancouver Island School of Art

950 Kings Rd, 2nd Floor
Victoria, BC V8T 1W6

Supply List - Collage I: 20th Century Art in the Making MMED232-36


- Black Conte
- 4 B pencil
- Kneadable eraser
- Golden Soft Gel Medium Gloss large bottle or a jar of “Dynamic” Wall covering adhesive-( Home Depot) –This is a starch based adhesive which is far less expensive than the acrylic and works just as well.
- Matte Medium medium size (any brand)
- Liquitex Clear Gesso medium size (don’t buy another brand)
- Water based Varathane ( Satin Finish)
- Dove unscented extra hold hairspray ( London Drugs)
- White Gesso medium size (any brand)
- Acrylic paints (student set with primary colours black, white and Burnt umber)
- Large 3” house painting brush (dollar Store)
- Foam sanding blocks Medium and coarse (Home Hardware)
- 11 Surfaces - I recommend Plain Brown Hardboard panels ¼” (Buy at Home Depot or Castle and have them cut down a half sheet (11x14 or 16x20), don’t buy the 1/8 since they will warp, other alternatives are cradled panels, ¼ MDF or Birch Plywood 11x14 or 16x20. (Buy at Home Depot or Castle) other cheaper options are found materials such as plywood scraps or heavy cardboard (be aware that random sizes will call for custom framing if you decide to sell), canvas covered panels are also a possibility (warping is a problem)
- scalpel or exacto knife with extra blades
- cutting surface ( can be a piece of hardboard or a cutting mat)
- Pair of small embroidery or nail scissors for cutting detailed pieces
- Foam Brushes 1”2”,4” (package from Home Hardware)
- Several old used large yogurt containers
- Stirring sticks or old spoon
- 2-4 rolls Blue Shop towels (Canadian Tire)
- Small glue gun and glue sticks (Dollar Store)
- Package of Cellulose sponges ( London Drugs)
- Roll of white Reynolds Freezer Paper (Fairways Grocery store)
- several (4-6) sheets of white Stonehenge paper

Recommended Textbook:

Taylor, Brandon, Collage: The Making of Modern Art, Thames and Hudson (2006). Link: