Vancouver Island School of Art

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Supply List - Gouache Painting: Finding the Fantastical MMEDw219-12


Please choose either M. Graham brand gouache or Winsor & Newton Designer gouache. My experience is that Artworld has the best prices for M. Graham.

Do not buy the Acryla Designer Gouache as it contains acrylic polymers. It will not perform the same as traditional gouache.

For this class please choose at least one of the following combinations of colour plus Titanium White and either Black or Payne's Grey. It's up to you which pigment you choose:
Yellow and Purple
Red and Green
Orange and Blue
Reeves Gouache Colour set (12 colours in 10ml tubes)

One or two sheets of good quality paper such as BFK Rives (250g), Arches 140lb Hot Press or Stonehenge Hot press and a few sheets of cartridge paper. These papers can be purchased from the school at cost. Feel free to bring any paper you already have from home. Opus sells 140lb cold press for $5 a sheet.

Brushes including one natural hog bristle and one synthetic round watercolour. Opus sells the Chubby bristle brush perfect for gouache, in either round or flat, in the kid's section.
One or more palette knives, either plastic or metal
Plastic containers for water
Pad of disposable palette sheets or roll of parchment paper
an apron

Optional materials:
Tracing paper
Paper towel
Eye dropper
Roll of painterís tape
small lidded jars for paint storage