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Supply List - Landscape Painting Now II PNTG269-36


Items required for the first class:

Please note that this is not a “how-to-paint” course, but rather a course to introduce students to different ways to approach landscape painting. It is assumed that students enrolled have some painting experience. Students can choose any painting medium to work with such as oil, acrylic, watercolour or gouache. While the instructor has experience and knowledge of all these media, the student is expected to have some knowledge of the medium they choose to work in for this course. If you are looking for a how-to-paint course, please consider our Painting: Introduction I course.

- one or two landscape photographs of your choice; these should be printed and at least 8.5 x 11”
- 9 x 12” or larger sketchbook (preferably the kind with rings so pages can lie flat)
- pencil or pen to write with

All other materials required for the first class will be supplied.

Items to be discussed during the first class:

Materials will be discussed during the first class but here is a general overview of what you should expect to bring:

-paints: a good selection of colours, at least two of each of the primary and secondary colours (a warm and cool of each), two browns, black and white
-brushes: a range of brushes from small to large, round and flat
-medium: (for acrylic or oil)
-odourless mineral spirits
-palette to mix paint on
-palette knives (metal for oil, plastic for water based medium)
-surfaces: canvas, cradled panels, paper, found wood
-drawing materials: pencil, charcoal, etc.

Required Textbook:

Barry Schwabsky, Landscape Painting Now: From Pop Abstraction to New Romanticism, Distributed Art Publishers, 2019. Link:

**Paper is available for purchase at the school.