Vancouver Island School of Art

302-733 Johnson St
Victoria, BC V8W 3C7

Supply List - Painting: The Contemporary Figure PNTG275-36-FA21

Leah McInnis -


Items required for the first class:

- sketchbook
- pen/pencil
- black conté and/or charcoal
- pad of newsprint
- glue stick
- scissors
- 1 medium sized canvas or panel

Additional Items to be discussed during the first class:

- paints (oil, acrylics, watercolour or gouache) in a range of colours including:
red (your choice)
blue (your choice)
yellow (your choice)
titanium white
carbon black
others that you find exciting
- acrylic matte medium
- odourless mineral spirits and walnut or linseed oil (oil)
- jar with lid (oil)
- variety of brushes suited to your choice of paint
- surfaces to paint on (canvas, panel or paper, depending on paint choice) approx. 10 total
- rags
- palette
- palette knife
- paint apron (suggested)
- large container or jar for water