Drawing: Pen & Ink and Found Tools Keys to Abstract Painting

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All workshops can be taken for credit towards one of our PROGRAMS (Certificate or Diploma).

Unless noted, all workshops have materials included and are suitable for beginners.

Drawing: Pen & Ink and Found Tools (DRWG w167)

In this workshop, you will create a personal visual language of marks and textures, beginning with making marks with a traditional dip pen with a variety of nibs using India and walnut ink. You will learn ways to hold the pen as well as how to control movement, speed, pressure and spacing. You will build on your vocabulary by making your own unconventional tools, beginning with a "Cola" pen, a handmade dip pen/nib, and then you will transform found objects into drawing tools that you will use with ink. "Found" tools will include sticks, twigs, cotton swabs, fingers, toothpicks, dried plant material, bamboo skewers, string, seedpods, feathers and wire. Surfaces to work on will include: Mylar, Stonehenge, tracing and rice paper. The workshop includes demonstrations and hands-on practice.
Jul 29 - 31 Friday - Sunday, 10am - 5pm
Jill Ehlert
Tuition: $295.00 (18 hrs) (materials included)
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Keys to Abstract Painting (PNTG w130)

This workshop will reveal the keys to abstraction by using a variety of processes to develop visual form. It will consider the ways that painters can move back and forth from pictorial imagery to abstraction, emphasizing aspects of painting’s inherent character (colour, texture, viscosity, etc.), without losing sight of its narrative potential. The emphasis will be on experimenting with a variety of painting approaches in small-scale studies. Projects will be accompanied by demos and examples of other artists’ works. You may work in the painting medium of your choice: acrylics, oil or watercolour (see supply list for suggested materials to bring to the workshop).
Jul 30 & 31 Saturday & Sunday, 10am - 5pm
John Luna
Tuition: $225.00 (12 hrs)
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