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Vancouver Island School of Art


302-733 Johnson St, Victoria, BC V8W 3C7 250-380-3500

Supply List - Calligraphy for Beginners



- liquid or tube watercolour in indigo or black for writing (this works just as well as ink and will not clog your pen!)

- watercolor (any type) in other colours for illustration

- large pad cartridge paper (18" x 24")

- one plain black pen holder

- C2 and C3 Speedball nibs; two of each if possible (*see below if you are left-handed)

- large ruler, preferably metal

- size 0 watercolour brush

- palette or small cups, such as sauce dishes (available for very good prices in Chinatown!)

- sharp pencils HB or 2B

- regular eraser

- kneaded gum eraser

*lefties! Please buy left oblique nibs in C2 and C3, as well as calligraphy markers in a couple of different sizes   


The Vancouver Island School of Art is delighted to have a partnership with Opus Art Supplies so please consider using this link and clicking on your course to purchase supplies from Opus Art Supplies: Partnership Page.


You can also consider an Opus A+ Membership, where students can sign up to save 10% on all orders during their studies: Sign Up For Opus A+ Membership.


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