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Become a VISA supporter

You can choose to become a VISA supporter with an automatic monthly donation of your choosing.

One-time or Automatic monthly donation in an amount of your choice
Donate through PayPal Giving Fund

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Donate to the Vancouver Island School of Art

People come to VISA to learn about art, but the school provides a much more vital function. VISA is a place where people can come together to connect, make friends and to be part of a social network.

The World Health Organization recently started a Commission of Social Connection because loneliness and lack of social connection have become a major epidemic with serious health consequences. The part about the school that does not come across on our website or social media posts, is that one of the most important things that happens at VISA, is the daily connections people make with each other in every class, whether in-person or online. Life-long connections are an everyday occurrence at VISA. Creating a space for social connections is one of the most important roles VISA offers to the local and wider community.

Please consider making a donation of any size.  Donations from the community ensure that VISA not only survives, but also continues to thrive and provide a much needed place of connection for all sectors of society. 

Part of your donation will go towards our Live Longer with Art program which provides seniors on low or reduced income with subsidized or free art courses and workshops. If you know of a senior that could benefit from having social connection through an art course or workshop at VISA, please encourage them to fill out our “Live Longer with Art” application form (below) for a subsidized or free-of-charge art learning experience.

VISA is a post-secondary independent art school founded in 2004 by artist and instructor, Wendy Welch. During its first ten years of development, the school has achieved accreditation with PTIB (Private Training Institutions Branch of the Ministry of Advanced Education), as well as transfer agreements with two degree-granting institutions: Emily Carr University of Art + Design and Vancouver Island University. Students can transfer credits from our Certificate program to receive university degrees in art.

VISA is a non-profit, charitable organization with Revenue Canada and is run by a Board of Directors consisting of professionals from the Victoria community. The VISA faculty have graduate degrees in art.

Registered Charity #86392 1433 RR0001

Help VISA make the world a better place, one person at a time. 

Get Information to Apply for a Live Longer with Art Tuition Subsidy

VISA relies almost entirely on tuition and does not recieve operational funding from any government sources.

Our funding comes from people like you!

VISA relies almost entirely on tuition and does not receive operational funding from any government sources. Donations from the community are crucial in terms of VISA's long-term sustainablity.

For those of you who have taken a course or program here you will know how much it changes your life, and for those of you who live with one of our students, you can attest to the fact VISA has changed their life.

We appreciate donations of any amount ($10, $25, $50, $100, $250, $500 are some popular amounts). You will receive a tax receipt for all donations over $20 and have your name on our website and newsletter (optional).

Your donation will help in making individuals lives better as well as make the City of Victoria a brighter more dynamic place to live.

Thank you for your continued support!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported the Vancouver Island School of Art through donations and sponsorships. VISA is grateful for all of their loyal supporters and knows it is because of them that the school has become a distinguished art organization in the City of Victoria.

Our friends

We would like to acknowledge the generosity of the following individuals and organizations who have made cash donations to the Vancouver Island School of Art. The support of these special individuals has helped VISA become a vibrant and successful community-minded arts institution.

Penny Bond

Canet Foundation

Luke Carson

City of Victoria (Strategic Plan Grant 2022)

Diane Foster

Lynda Gammon

Christine Goldburn

Harweg Foundation

Ira and Matthias Hoffecker 

Xane St Phillip

Alan & Gwendoline Pyatt Foundation

Andrea Torokvei


Vancouver Foundation

Wendy Welch

YP Heung Foundation

Arts & Culture Patron


Patricia Lawton

Allan Leslie

Sandra Macintosh-Thompson

Deborah Mackay

Helen Marzolf

Robert McComb

Justin McGrail

Karen McLaughlin

Paul McNair

Robert Meehan

Raymond Murray

Marti Mussell

Mary Lou Newbold

Louise Oborne

Esther Parker

Janette Patterson

Kit Pearson

Paul Peters

Agnes Phillips

Phillips Brewing Company

Pamela Plummer

Marion Porath

Power of Ten

Pat Preston

Bonny Racca

Judith Reid

Nicola Rendell

Russ Reynolds

Joan Richardson

Beverley Rock

Kate Scoones

Barbara Scott

Pat Seebach

Darlene Sheldon

Elshadai Silla

Ken Sohm

Bonnie Stebbings

Roberta Pyx Sutherland

Audrey Takoski

Pat Tennant

Clare Thomas

Mary-ellen Threadkell

Bonnie Tomlinson

Beatrice Van Winden

Jo Vipond

Randy Voldeng

Liz Wells

John Westover

Lesley Wicks

Andrée Williams

Jennifer Wilson

Niomi Wood

Joyce Almond

Dorothy Appleton

Shelby Assenheimer

Heather Atkinson

Mary Babineau

Charlotte Bell

Erica Bird

Pat Bourke

Anita Boyd

Elizabeth Brodie

Paula Carey

River Chandler

Lien Chang

Tish Clayton

Kyler Clement

Jane Coombe

Sarah Cowan

Fran Cudlipp

Anna Curtin

Gail Davidson

Donna Dickinson

Lorraine Douglas

Debra Downs

Dianna Drahanchuk

Lisa Edwards

Jill Ehlert

Steven Erikson

Darryl Farquhar

Peter Francis

Mary Frewer

Grant Gilmour

Colin Gloeckler

Debra Gloeckler

Peter Gorrie

Suzanne Hamilton

Margaret Hantiuk

Leanne Harrison

Andrea Henning

June Higgins

Laura Hilts

Tricia Hodgins

Jo Ann Hope-Smith

Anne Humphries

Jean Hutton

Lisa Jackson

Charles Joerin

Patricia Johnson

Karen Jones

Patrick Jones

Barbara Kerwin

Robin Kirkpatrick

Harry Knufman

Bayla Kolk

Kristin Krimmel

Daniel Laskarin



Frank Mitchell

Carmen Mongeau

Amy Montgomery

Georgina Montgomery

Sheila Moult

John and Peggy Mount

James Mulchinock

Alejandra Munoz de la Cerda

Karen Muntean

Annie Murphy

Heather A Murphy

Margaret Murray

John Nanson

Donna Nelson

Susan Newlove

Lisa Nicholson

Mary Lynn Ogilvie

Linda Park

Jan-Louise Paterson

Kathleen Pearson

Kirsten Petersen

Christine Pfeifer

Deborah Poirier

Mena Quilici


Nichola Reddington

Dorothy Rich

Jo-Ann Richards

Lee Richardson

Brenda Righetti

Jenn Robins

Paul Romaniuk

William Routley

Mary Saari

Amalia Schelhorn

Lois Schneeberg

Hannelore Schueddekopp

Michael Shamata

Shift It Coach Inc

Elke Sieg

Tawni Silver

Jodi Skiba

Nancy Slaght

Margaret Smith

Barbara Snyder

Marion Spillette

Jo-Anne Stone

Marjorie Stone

Sharon A Stone

Susan Stovel

Patti Sullivan

Barbara Svec

Barrie Szekely

Scott Tanner

Germaine Taylor

Melanie Thompson

Doug Thoms

Henriette Tibbs

Leslie Tresun

Jon Tupper

Doug Turner

Joan Tuttle

Rhonda Usipiuk

Janis Van de Geer

John Van de Geer

Riesa Venchuk

Micheal Vonn

Joan Wagner

Donald Wakal

Susan Wakal

Sheilagh Walsh

Dagmar Wanke

Valerie Warder

Wendy Wardle

Heather Waters

Lori Waters

Barbara Watts

Johanna Weeks

Patricia Weldon

Elizabeth Wells

Leanne Wilkins

Brenda Williams

Susan Williams

Sandy Wilson

Thomas Winterhoff

Lynn Wylie

Jane Young

Jessica Ziakin

Paul Ziakin

Meghan Zook Brown

Elizabeth Zook

Adrienne Aikins

Karen Aitken

Audrey Alsterberg

William Andersen

Linda Angelo

Irma Argyriou

Robert Bailey

James Baker

Lesley Bennett

Miko Betanzo

Judith Blackwell

Josephine Bohemier

Bruce Bowman

Marianne Brabanski

Diana Brooks

Bru Shell Management

Vivienne M. Bruce

Mary Bryson

Robyn Bryson

Margaret Buchmann

Daniel Buchner

Eva Budinski

Ann Burkhardt

Brenda Bysouth

Trevor Calkins

Mary Campbell

Ruth Carlson

Connie Carter

Allan Castle

Grace Cockburn

Carolyn Converse

Patricia Conway

Patricia Cook

Janis Cooper

Ian Costanzo

Deborah Kennedy

Judith Crichton

Amy Cripps

Patricia Crofton

Penny Crowe

Corinne Dabreo

Sharon Dallas

Joy Davis

Ken De'Ath

Martine Desbois

Linda Dickson

Lois Dimoff

Joan Douglas

Maureen Doyle

Kevin Farris

Deborah Faulkner

Michelle Ford

Mary Forsyth

Jonathan Francis

Leah Freedman

Jack & Margaret Fry

Melissa Gignac

David Good

Janice Graham

Renate Grinfelds

Shellie Gudgeon

Arthur Hargrove

Marilyn Harris

David Harvey

Barbara Haslin

Tuula Heinonen

Judith Herman

Joanne Hewko

Matthias Hoffecker

Diana Huska

Diana Jack

Julie Jarco

Marlene Jess

Patricia Johnston

JoAnne Kahan

Alison Kermack

Irene Khurana

Alan Kohut

Carolyn Kowalyk

Sebastian Lade

Alana Nast

Cathy Leslie

Judy Lightwater

Lee Lindsay

Janice Lockwood

Roger Lundberg

Kathy MacCallum

Karen Malcolm

Pat Martin Bates

Roberta Martinek

Mary Mason

Janet Matthews

Ken McAllister

Karen McDiarmaid

Anne Marie McPartlin

Susan Mesick

Kathryn Miller



Sarah Lang

Linde Lange

Rosemary Lapenskie

Toby Lawrence

Sandy Lee

Katherine Lefebvre

Bev Lenihan

Terry Loeppky

Chiarina Loggia

Fern Long

Mark Loria

Mary Loria

Philippe Lucas

Joyce Luna

Julie Luna

Steve MacCarthy

Amber MacGregor

Lisa Markin

James Mattison

Jim McBride

Kegan McFadden

Lynda McKewan

Stella Meades

Maureen Milburn

Charles Molnar

Caroline Moore

Valerie Moors

Cheryl Morrison

Geoff Munday

Maureen Murphy-Dyson

William Murphy Dyson

Alana Nast

Katy Nelson

Diana Nicholson

Tara Nicholson

Lori Nielsen

Michael Nowlin

B O'Reilly

Helen Marzolf

Wendy Painter

Paul Pallan

Jane Palliser

Anita Parris

Rob Parris

Wendy Patterson

Derek Peach

Linda Peters

Robin Pike

Birgit Piskor

Jillian Player

Sonnen Sloan

Barbara Poggemiller

Chris Porter

Maria Porter

Vicki Postl

Helen C Pouliot

Jennifer Pritchard

Joan Pritchard

Wendy Pryde

James Quinn

Bill Reed

Judy Reed

Janet Remmer

Patricia Rigg

Linda Roberts

Janet Robson

Oliver Rohma

Christine Ross

Su Russell

Eric Sager

Linda Saunders

Clayton Savage

Arelia Schoeneberg

Anne Schultz

Dale Schuss

Christine Scott

Phyllis Serota

Tom Setka

Verena & Steve Sexsmith

Heather Shave

Lindsay Shojania

Elisabeth Silvester

Lorne Simpson

Claire Sira

Dave Skilling

Carrol Ann Smedley

Gerald Smeltzer

David Stafford

Dianna Statham

Dave Stephen

David Stephen

Susan Stewart

Audrey & Matthew Takoski

Cheryl Taves

Kathi Thompson

Barbara Thomson

Joanne Thomson

Gwen Thomson-Robinow

John Tolmie

Judy Tolmie

Anne Tomyn

Vicky Turner

Stephanie Vagvolgyi

Roy Verbrugge

Lynne Viezko

Rasa & Dainius Vzdaviniene

Andy Wachtel

Catherine Wallace

Bob Watts

Alisha Welch

David Welke

Sharon Wiebe

Jennifer Wilkinson

Donna Williams

Barb Wilson

Kara Woodward

Zebra Design

Wendy Zink

Alex Zorkin

Niko Zorkin

Robin Zorkin

Karon Aasen

Josi Abata

David Adams

John Alexander

Susann Allnutt

Ruth Annis

Rick Arora

Gregory Ball

Susan Banas

Stella Barbon

Jack Basey

Frances Beckow

Suzanne Benoit

Lorna Bergen

Susan Bing

Black River Lake Association

Scott Blasken

John Block

Neil Bosdet

Lauren Boucher

Melina Boucher

Wendy Bowkett

Hazel Braithwaite

Deborah Brendeland

Joseph Briante

Shan Brindle

Carol-Maureen Callahan

Eva Campbell

Jeanne Cannizzo

Jane Carroll

Jerri Carson

Peter & Dawn Casson

Lorene Cecconi

Ju-Ling Chen

Laurie Chesworth

Renae Choo

Maria Ciarniello

Stephanie Clark

Beth Compton

Sheila Cooper

Kathryn Copeman Stewart

Joanne Corwin

Rebecca Cory

Smith Counselling

Jennifer Cox

Buffy Cram

Bill Peterson

Susanna Crofton

Ellen Darlington

Rose Davidson

Penny Davies

M Davis

Wendy De Gros

Louise De Montigny

Sylvie Degagne

Megan Dickie

Sandra Doherty

Nancy Dolan

Annelie Dominik

Lori Dunn

Jo & Jim Eaton

Barry Edmonson

Carol Anne Edwards

Kellie Elder

Rosalie Eldridge

Joyce Elliott

Enkon Information Systems

Brenda Estill

Mary Falconer

Lorraine Fallis

Court Fooks

Anna Forbes

Kevin Forkheim

Marion Fraser

Yvonne Fried

Jenus Friesen

S Frost

Danielle Fullwood

Trinity Gatehell

Jan Gates

Melissa Gedney

Bryan Gilbert

Steven Goring

Chris Grant

Kathy Guthrie

Melanie & Michael Hadfield

Barbara Hagar

Donna J. Hall

Debbie Hargreaves

Holly Harper

John Harris

Irene Havens

Tara Hearn

Rachel Hellner

Connie Hendren

James Henwood

Lynne Hodgman

Joseph Hoh

Valerie Houghton

Dawn House

Robert Howell

Carol Hubberstey

Patricia Humphreys

Nina Huppmann

Nancy Issenman

Milica Ivaz

Dorothy Jackson

Michelle Jacques

Michel Janisse

Karen Jensen

Michael Jess

Rebekah Johnson

Lisa Kachan

Torren Kaiser

Joan Kakoske

Laurie Keenan

Susan Kennedy

Charles Kierulf

Ellen Kierulf

Mark Krupa

Deborrah Krutzmann

Ann Kujundzic

Kyle Labinsky

Jane Laing



Sally Ireland

Tessa Jamieson

Linda Jarman

Donald Kreye

Kathleen Lane

Mary Laucks

Kim Leslie

Patricia Lortie

Barbara McCaffrey

Michael Nowlin

Tanta Pennington

Ann Petrie

Carol Pettigrew

Nan Phillips

Claudette Poitras

Yvonne Rorison

Kate Seaborne

Jo-Anne Silverman

Bill Turner

Jaqueline van Voorst

Terry Vatrt

Alexander Walker

Gordon Walker

Jean Anne Wightman

Fred Wurlitzer

Artemis PR Design

Aryze Developments

Colette Baty

Christine Beer

Celine Berry

Sylvia Bews-Wright

Maureen Calkins

Cathy Chamberlin

Ann Connelly

Catherine Lupin

Marsha Crawford

Charles Douglas

Sheila Elworthy

Estate of B Louise Woodward

Katherine Farris

Laura Feeleus

Susan Feilders

Peter Frances and Andrea Baudic

Barbara Gilbert

Deborah Glover

Shirley Grosser

Susan Henwood

Catherine Holt

John Houghton



Become a VISA supporter

You can choose to become a VISA supporter with an automatic monthly donation of your choosing.

One-time or Automatic monthly donation in an amount of your choice
Donate through PayPal Giving Fund
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