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Student Testimonials

Online with VISA instructors is an amazing experience. Contemporary approaches to art making that you don't get in the usual online course. It's the real thing! Try it! You'll have fun and learn a whole lot of new stuff!

Anne Petrie

The online art course I took was most enjoyable. The two hours each week sped by with engaging dialogue, demonstrations, short videos and interactive critiques of assignments. Not being particularly computer savvy, I was a bit nervous about downloading procedures for the class. Immediate help was offered when I stumbled at the beginning and all became simple and straightforward. I would encourage anyone to take an online course. It's easy. It's fulfilling, engaging and fun.

Jean Hutton

Thank you for a wonderful course with a wonderful teacher and it worked very well on Zoom - I could work in my home studio! Wendy has a gift for including everyone at whatever level they are painting. Each person receives just the right gently constructive suggestions - content, medium, and technique - to take their work forward. The course content introduced contemporary artists I wouldn't have known about otherwise; with them as inspiration and with Wendy's guidance, my painting took me in new and exciting directions that I can follow up on. I like that we received outlines before each class which included a synopsis, how-to guidelines for the week's assignment, as well as online resources to view on our own time. I came away with lots of material to support further explorations. Can't wait for her next course on plants and I've signed up for two more summer courses at VISA because of it.

Marilyn Walker

I just completed "Abstract Painting Today" with Wendy DeGros. It was the first online class and with only a few growing pains it turned out to be an amazing experience. Not only did I learn and evolve during the 6 weeks, I also met 6 other artists. The intimate size of the class and the connections we were able to form over zoom was great. We were able to follow along with each other and watch as are works progressed, we were able to have conversations that sometimes extended the class time without us realizing! I enjoyed it and learned so much that I've signed up for another class starting July 8th. If any of you are wondering how to fill your days with something meaningful, educational and fun try out one of the up coming classes.

Lauren Buchner

I am so grateful for the online classes at VISA! I took two in the spring term and it was a wonderful experience. The instructors were engaging and welcoming with in-class slide presentations, demos, and critiques, and they also provided many resources for learning between classes. It was a joy to get to know the other students and share our work even though we are apart. I have signed up for two classes again in the summer term, and I am looking forward to being creative and enjoying the art community at VISA, from a distance (Saskatoon), in these strange times.

Erica Bird

I really enjoyed "Surrealism: Ideas, Methods and Techniques" with Tony Bounsall it was a fun way of learning some interesting techniques while also discovering more about an art movement I had not previously studied. I also really appreciated the online format. I have mobility issues, plus live on the Gulf islands so love online courses. The convenience of being able to access this standard of teaching from my own home was terrific. I look forward to taking more online courses.

Andrea Spalding

While I had reservations about taking a ZOOM art class, it more than met my hopes and expectations. Our teacher was well prepared and ran the classes well. The critiques in each class were informing and enlightening. As usual (with VISA classes) I was impressed with the variety and quality of all the work, even though the student range was from true novice to well seasoned artists. And we had a good time. I never at any time felt a lack or inferiority to the classes.

Margaret Hantiuk

The "Painting the Everyday with Gouache" course with Wendy Welch was an excellent introduction for me to a new medium. Though a veteran in the visual arts, I benefited from a close-up look at the work of other students and a challenging exploration of different techniques and paper surfaces. Looking at student work, Wendy offered valuable feedback and one or two people in the class were invited to comment each time if they chose. I felt totally connected to the whole group during the two-hour class. The time went quickly. With such a great focus, and the encouragement of others in full view, I was motivated with more confidence to complete assignments. Taking a class with VISA always teaches me how to improve in my art practice- to see and try new ways of working. The virtual format suited me perfectly!

Susan Feilders

I just completed "Abstract Painting Today "with Wendy De Gros. It was terrific. Any reservations I'd had beforehand about taking an online course, vanished after the first class. With a knowledgeable, well-prepared instructor and an engaged, multi-talented group of fellow students, the virtual sessions were engrossing and inspiring--and, bonus, very convenient to attend.

Georgina Montgomery

The Vancouver Island School online art course experience is new and fresh. I felt instant community, sharing and also gave me the opportunity to become comfortable with a new medium in my own home art space. There was no running around. The mix of excellent teaching, video and powerpoint, class sharing, ability to get answers to questions immediately just worked. The joy of new people and art ideas just filled me up.

Joan Kakoske

My recent zoom classes from VISA have been excellent. The instructors encourage and challenge with lively exercises and stimulating discussion, and offer intriguing reflections from historical and contemporary examples of art. Truly enlivening! I find this level and breadth of instruction unique to VISA and look forward to more attendance.

Elisabeth Haight

In case you were wondering whether taking an online course is a good experience or not, here are some testimonials from some students who recently finished an online course with us:

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