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Become an instructor at VISA.

The Vancouver Island School of Art is a teaching community that has served Victoria and the surrounding area for the last 20 years.

VISA is an independent post-secondary school with a focus on technique, personal expression and contemporary context. The school was founded in 2004 by artist and educator Wendy Welch. From its inception, VISA has always sought out artists in the community who have a unique vision based on their own artistic practice. 

Instructors are encouraged to propose courses or workshops based on their own practice and interests. The Executive Director is willing to assist in the development of course curriculum, especially to those who are new to teaching. VISA has hired many MFA graduates from UVic and other universities who have since become part of prestigious university faculties. Teaching at VISA is a great way to expand your teaching experience, develop new ideas and share your interests with students whose ages range from 18-90 years.

In-person and online positions are available.

All our courses are 3 hours long, once a week. They are offered morning (10am-1pm), afternoon (2-5pm) and evening (6-9pm). We prefer that instructors new to VISA start with a workshop or six-week course proposal.

20 years ago, I had just completed my MFA and arrived in Victoria from the Prairies. Eager to further both my art and teaching practice, I was fortunate to be introduced to Wendy Welch who was starting Vancouver Island School of Art. It was exactly what I needed; a workshop-based course structure and the opportunity to design my own course curriculum. Without a doubt, my experience at VISA influenced my future accomplishments as a post-secondary educator.

Megan Dickie (Associate Professor and Chair, University of Victoria), Instructor (2005-2008

Working at Vancouver Island School of Art is so much fun. There is a real sense of community and a shared love of art by staff and students. The students are dedicated, talented and receptive. The Director, Wendy Welch and the administrative team at VISA are helpful and supportive. I am proud to be part of the school.

Tamara Bond, Instructor: Drawing, Design (2020-Present)

Working at VISA has been a fantastic experience, it is student centred yet the administration and the Director will always have your back, it is an excellent way to be involved in the creative community in Victoria and the region with an eclectic range of students and also the schools' relationship to other institutions. It is a supportive, open and fun way to learn to be a teacher and for me, after ten years of working with VISA, it continues to be a great learning experience and a vital connection to the arts community. I look forward to working with VISA for many years to come.

Jeremy Herndl Instructor: Painting

I had the pleasure of teaching at the Vancouver Island School of Art upon graduating from my MFA degree at the University of Victoria where I am now a full-time sessional instructor. VISA offers new instructors a valuable opportunity to develop their teaching skills and presents those starting out in the field with a great chance to shape their own courses and projects.

Todd Lambeth, Instructor: Drawing, Painting (2008-2019)

Teaching at VISA is a unique and entirely delightful experience. VISA attracts interest from all walks of life and stages of learning

and inquiry. The students there take genuine pleasure in instruction – they both challenge the norms and are ready to be challenged. The atmosphere is one of both serious study and levity. VISA is a place where lasting and meaningful connections are made, and where art comes to life.

Dylan Cram, Instructor: Painting, Drawing

VISA offers a unique creative environment, bringing together creatives from across the region and beyond. As an instructor, I enjoy the freedom to construct interesting content for my students to encourage and support them in their artistic pursuits. Another reason I enjoy being part of VISA is the appreciation I feel for the strong sense of community that Wendy continues to build since the school first opened its doors. By offering online classes, this welcoming community extends to anyone who wants to improve their studio practice, expand their skills, and find like-minded folks.

Kate Scoones, Instructor (2007-Present)