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Vancouver Island School of Art

302-733 Johnson St, Victoria, BC V8W 3C7 250-380-3500

Supply List - Collage: Experimental Landscapes


Items required for the first class:

- Roll of rice paper

- Old magazines

- India Ink

- Brushes and marking making tools

- Scissors

- Glue Stick

- 9B Graphite stick

- Paper or shop towels

- Sketch Book

- Notebook and Pen for taking notes

Additional items to be discussed:

1- Medium sized jar of Acrylic Matte Gel Medium

1- Medium sized jar of Acrylic gloss Medium

1- Small bottle of Liquitex Clear Gesso ( don’t buy another brand!)

1- Bottle of Rubber cement ( Staples)

1- 2” House painting brush or pastry brush

1- Old credit card or plastic squeegee

1- Pair of small scissors and or an Xacto knife

1- Set of Acrylic paints that include burnt umber, yellow ochre, black, white, cadmium yellow, cadmium red, ultramarine blue, burnt sienna

1- Medium Sized Jar of white acrylic Gesso

2- Glue Stick

1- Old used tooth brush for spatter

2- Large water container for brushes, roller, ( used large yogurt containers are ideal)

3- Medium size can of Water based Satin Finish Varathane

1- Selection of Foam brushes ( Home Hardware has the best ones!)

1- Small container of premixed drywall compound (Hardware store)

1- Palette knife ( plastic is fine available at Dollar Store)

2- 9B Water Soluble graphite stick

1- 2B drawing Pencil

2- Kneadable eraser

3- Small foam rollers and handle (Hardware store)

1- Small water spritzer bottle

1- Roll of White Reynolds Freezer paper ( available at Fairways and Thrifty’s)

2- Rolls of paper towel or blue shop towel

1- Small bottle of Hand sanitizer (Purrel works well)

1- Can of Dove Unscented extra hold hairspray ( London drugs)

2- Bottles of Speedball Super Black India Ink

1- Foam sanding block with medium & coarse finish ( hardware store)

1- Roll clear packing tape

1- Cellulose sponge (London Drugs)

1- Pieces of scrap matte board or heavy cardboard

1- Notebook and Pen for taking notes

1- Roll of plastic wrap (Saran or other brand)

6- Hardboard panels or cradled panels 11x14 or larger ( hardboard is available at Rona, Castle, Home Depot get a ½ sheet and have it cut down). Buy the natural finish not the pre-painted surface purchase the ¼ “ thickness

Paper resource materials:

1- Roll of inexpensive rice paper

2- Mixed Media Sketch book 9x12 or larger

3- Brown paper grocery bags

4- Old magazines, wrapping paper, napkins, white tissue paper, old newspapers, string, thread, cheesecloth, aluminium foil

5- Old maps, B&W + Colour photocopies (not inkjet prints!) details to follow in class

Optional items:

- Coloured Pencils

- Dry Chalk pastels

- Oil Pastels

- Water soluble pencils or pastels

- Powdered watercolours ( Colour Burst available online or at Opus)

- Acrylic Inks or fluid acrlics


- Mobile phone or tablet with camera or small point & shoot digital camera


The Vancouver Island School of Art is delighted to have a partnership with Opus Art Supplies so please consider using this link and clicking on your course to purchase supplies from Opus Art Supplies: Partnership Page.


You can also consider an Opus A+ Membership, where students can sign up to save 10% on all orders during their studies: Sign Up For Opus A+ Membership.

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