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Vancouver Island School of Art

302-733 Johnson St, Victoria, BC V8W 3C7 250-380-3500

Supply List - Drawing from Dreams


Items required for the first class:

- Water media: small watercolour set OR acrylic ink (primary colours) OR watercolour pencil crayons

- soft pencil- 2B

- good quality oil pastels, minimum of 3 colours of your choice

- good quality pencil crayons, minimum 3 colours of your choice

- 1 sheet 22” x 30” paper

- sketchbook

- fine tipped black pen (Micron 02 or 05) OR fine tipped nib and holder

- black ink for fine tipped nib and holder

Additional items that will be discussed during the first class:

- Micron black pen- 02 or 05

- good quality oil pastels, minimum of 2 colours of your choice

- 1 stick each of black and white charcoal

- ONE round brush size 6, 10, or 12 (Allegro)

- black India ink

- sketchbook, opus essential hardbound sketchbook OR 9” x 12” sketchbook with at least 50 pages. Example- Canson XL Recycled Sketch Pad 100 sheets

- 3 sheets Stonehenge paper OR opus watermedia paper, 22” x 30” pad of 18x24 brown kraft drawing paper or a pad of newsprint


Note: Supplies can be purchased in downtown Victoria at: Art World (860 Yates St), Island Blue (905 Fort St) or Opus (512 Herald St).

Some of the local Art stores offer a student discount or PST exemption:

1. Let them know at the cash that you are a student at VISA

2. Show proof of registration or payment (your Registration Receipt email from VISA).

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