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Vancouver Island School of Art


302-733 Johnson St, Victoria, BC V8W 3C7 250-380-3500

Supply List - Expressive Watercolour




- Watercolours in tubes

- Turner and Holbein are my choices for colour quality. Lukas is a reasonable brand with nice vivid colours suitable to this course's approaches

- A range of warm and cool primary colours. Reds: Alizarin Crimson (cool), Cadmium red hue (Warm) Yellows: Cadmium light hue (W), Lemon Yellow or Hansa Yellow (C) Blues: Cerulean (C) & Ultramarine (W) Raw Sienna and Payne's Grey

Acrylic medium

-Any brand, used for base coats


- Use a variety of rounds and flat synthetic sable brushes for watercolour/gouache

- Have a large (#10 or #12) flat watercolour /gouache brush, #8 rigger, and Princeton 'Dagger" brush

- Flat 1” acrylic brush to apply acrylic medium

- Feel free to use what you already have


- Black water-soluble felt-tipped pen

- Sharpie (fat)

- Fudenosuke pen

- Black broad posca marker


- Look for an 11"x14" or 16"x20" multi-media pad that takes watercolour and ink

- Plan to repurpose old sketchbooks


- Plastic palette for mixing paint, (white plastic lids, white plates or disposable palette pad can also be used)

Other Supplies

- Drawing board (18x24”)

- 2 Bulldog clips (to hold the paper to the board - optional).

- Plastic containers to hold water (such as yogurt containers)

- Painters masking tape (removable)

- Rags (old cotton clothes) for cleaning up

- Small spray bottle

(Optional) Inks

- Black ink specifically for fountain pens such as Parker Quink. Higgins also has a reasonable one

- Three colours of Acrylic Ink (not for Fountain pens-it will clog them!)

- F&W Liquitex and Golden all make good ones. Red. Cerulean and Ultramarine Blue or similar (so many hues will work) *with paints and inks, I prefer to shop to taste as you would buying shirts or pastries rather than focusing on theory.

- Dip pens - pen holder and speedball C-5, C-6, and Hunt School Nib



Local art supply stores have varying discount options for students. Monks and Opus offer membership programs for discounts. Check stores’ websites for details. 


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