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Vancouver Island School of Art

302-733 Johnson St, Victoria, BC  V8W 3C7  250-380-3500


Supply List - Painting: Introduction I



- Heavy-body acrylic paints

  • Recommended sets:

  • Golden Essential Acrylic Colours set of 6: Naphthol Red Light, Hansa Yellow Medium, Ultramarine Blue, Phthalo Green Light, Lamp Black, Titanium White

  • Opus Essential Heavy Body Acrylic set of 6: Naphthol Red Light, Hansa Yellow Medium, Ultramarine Blue, Phthalo Green Light, Lamp Black, Titanium White  

  • Additional colours (required): Cadmium Orange (Medium), Cadmium Yellow (Medium), Cadmium Red (Medium), Cerulean Blue.

  • Additional colours (optional): Yellow Ochre, Raw Sienna, Cobalt Blue, Burnt Sienna

- Acrylic medium (to extend working time of paints) (optional)

- Palette knifes for mixing paint

- Paint brushes set of varied sizes / types (stiff synthetic for acrylic)

- Gesso or acrylic primer (if you wish to add another layer to your canvas) (optional)

- 2” wide paint brush

- Newsprint paper pad / cartridge paper pad

- Large sheets of acrylic painting paper

- Stretched canvas (slim) and/or wood board for Assignment 1 (18” x 24” minimum size)

- 9 x 12” hard bound sketchbook (or coiled)

- HB or 2B pencil

- Erasers, kneaded and white/black (Sumo brand recommended)

- White conte stick

- Container / jar for water / solvents

- Rags

- Paint apron (suggested)

- Plastic Toolbox or small Luggage case for material storage & transport (optional)


Additional Items to be discussed after the first class (dependent on students’ personal preference / chosen direction for assignments):

- Alternative paints and their supplies:

  • Oil : select colours, brushes (hog bristle), substrates, rags, odourless mineral spirits (OMS), walnut or linseed oil, sealed jars and containers, mediums

  • Watercolours and gouache : select colours, substrates, brushes

- Small or medium sized surfaces for weekly exercises: stretched, primed canvas, canvas paper, gessoed wood panel, gessoed mat board or cardboard substrates for later term assignments


Required materials for the first class (September 21, 2023)

- 8” x 8” stretched, gessoed canvas (slim)

- Lamp Black and Titanium White acrylic paint

- Various acrylic brushes

- Jar/container for water

- Notebook/Sketchbook

- Pencil/pen



The Vancouver Island School of Art is delighted to have a partnership with Opus Art Supplies so please consider using this link and clicking on your course to purchase supplies from Opus Art Supplies: Partnership Page.


You can also consider an Opus A+ Membership, where students can sign up to save 10% on all orders during their studies: Sign Up For Opus A+ Membership.

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