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Vancouver Island School of Art


302-733 Johnson St, Victoria, BC V8W 3C7 250-380-3500

Supply List - To Draw a Diary



Items required for the first class:

- black conté and/or charcoal

- pen/pencil- sketchbook

- pad of newsprint

Additional Items to be discussed during the first class:

- pencils: range from 4H - 8B

- conté crayon (black, white, sanguine)

- charcoal (compressed, vine)

- white vinyl eraser

- kneaded eraser

- watercolours: travel sets or tubes (red, blue, yellow, violet, orange, green)

- plastic palette and/or white plastic lids or small white ceramic plates to mix paint on

- watercolour brushes

- colour pencils (assortment of colours)

- oil pastels (assortment of colours)

- variety of paper (including cartridge paper, rag paper, black/coloured paper, rice paper and anything else that catches your eye)


Local art supply stores have varying discount options for students. Monks and Opus offer membership programs for discounts. Check stores’ websites for details. 


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