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Kirsten had a notable career working on a global scale within the national governments minting industry, developing and marketing national and international coin programs.  She has received several international awards recognizing her as a driver of the industry.  Experienced in many diverse aspects of the industry, she was chosen to chair The Mint Directors International Marketing Committee for 8 years before retiring. 


Kirsten has fond memories working with both commissioned artists and the general public to develop designs and product innovations that became part of that nation’s coin heritage.  She is particularly proud of the Canada 125 program that was an overwhelming success, so much so that it was copied by multiple countries around the world.


During the decades of international travel Kirsten was always happy to come home to Victoria.  “There really is no other place like our island.  Clean air, nature at our doorstep and the many interesting and kind people.”  In addition to enjoying many outdoor activities daily, she has refreshed her life-long artistic endeavours and very much enjoys being a parttime student at the Vancouver Island School of Art.

Kirsten Petersen

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