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Contemporary Drawing

Take your drawing to the next level where ideas are more important than techniques.

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This course invites you to push the boundaries of traditional drawing and explore the diverse approaches and techniques of contemporary drawing. Over the duration of the course students will explore conceptual frameworks that define contemporary drawing practices. We will analyze the methods of contemporary artists to inform our creative processes and challenge conventional notions of drawing. Through weekly slide presentations, discussions, and projects, you will develop a deeper understanding of conceptual approaches in drawing and gain the skills to create meaningful and thought-provoking artworks. The course will include sessions in collage, deconstructing photographs, and experimenting with other unconventional drawing techniques. With a focus on concept and idea, this course will encourage you to think critically and experiment boldly. Suitable for all levels. MONDAYS, MAY 6 - JUN 10, 2PM - 5PM (No Class May 20, last class Jun 17) IN-PERSON

  • Starts May 6
  • 275 Canadian dollars

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