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Pencil Drawing

New to drawing? The pencil is the best place to start: simple, direct and easy-to-use.

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The pencil is the most basic and simplest of all the drawing tools. While art supply stores keep offering more and more choices of materials for us to use, the pencil is still one of the best drawing tools. Sometimes, especially considering the hectic pace of today’s society, it is good to slow everything down and focus on one thing, in this case ‘the pencil’. This course will introduce you to a variety of ways to draw with a pencil, including drawing from observation as well as making abstract designs. The course will cover making a variety of types of lines, shading, and using an eraser as a drawing tool. Suitable for all levels. THURSDAYS, MAY 9 - JUN 13, 6PM - 9PM IN-PERSON

  • Starts May 9
  • 275 Canadian dollars

6 spots left